Chronicle of Hotel "König Humbert"

In 1899 the carpenter Frötsch built the estate now located in Schuhstraße (=Shoe Street), which was named Hamburg Street at the time until 1900.

The building was constructed as an inn and was originally hosted by brewer Michael Keller.

The name „König Humbert" (King Humbert) originates from the Italian King Umberto. On May 13th 1898 he became owner of the 19th Royal Bavarian Infantry Regiment based at Erlangen.

As the Hotel started out as a „soldiers inn", this name was chosen.

Over 100 years of family tradition

In 1907 butcher Johann Müller and his wife Margaretha bought the building. He was the uncle of Michael Müller, the present owner.

After Johann Müller passed away in 1909 his widow married his brother Josef Müller. The house remained in family possession.

During the Nazi regime the inn had to carry the name „Gasthaus Müller", but Johann returned to the original Name „König Humbert" afterwards.

In 1952 Michael and Katharina Müller bought the inn und managed it with heart and soul. From 1955 to 1969 the restaurant and the rooms were expanded.

In 1985 Walter Müller the son of Michael and Katharina Müller took over the building and owns it till today.

2007 the Müller family celebrated the 100th hotel jubilee showing its over 100 year „Müller tradition".

2015 their daughter Alexandra Menzel took over the hotel and will continue the tradition in the 4th generation.

Current information

Dear guests,

From May 21st, 2021 we can welcome all guests again

however, this requires a 7-day incidence of less than 100 and a negative daily corona test.


Incidence value in the city of Erlangen




Due to the current conditions, we are unfortunately unable to offer a breakfast buffet due to the spatial conditions,

so breakfast cannot be booked with your rate.

Please note that the reception is only manned by telephone.

Standard1 (including breakfast) cannot currently be booked in our online booking

We ask for your understanding and wish you a pleasant stay in our house.


With hospitable greetings

Hotel Koenig Humbert


Alexandra Güßregen


Hotel König Humbert
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